Setting Up a Computer Network for your Trading Company

In the process of setting up your new trading company’s offices, one of the key tasks will be that of setting up a computer network. You can’t have an office where the computers are not networked. If you opted for such a system (which most people would consider very absurd), you would end up with a lot of inefficiencies. That is because in a trading company (or any other sort of organization for that matter), people have to share computing resources and information. Therefore if you have each computer operating on a stand-alone basis, it would be hard and sometimes simply impossible to share certain resources.

Thankfully, the task of setting up a computer network for your trading company is not as hard as it seems. You only need to have three things:

Firstly, you need to have the networking hardware. This would include the router on which the trading company’s network is to be based, as well as the cables to be used in interconnecting the computers (unless you are going for a wireless network). You would also need to have the computer that would be operating as the ‘server’ in the network.

Secondly, you would need to have the networking software. Many computers nowadays come with in-built networking software, which would be sufficient to set up a ‘home network’ (and this may work just as well in your trading company’s network, if it is a small network). Otherwise you have the alternative of buying specialized networking software, or downloading open source networking software.

The third thing you would need is a qualified person or a team of qualified individuals, to help you in setting up the computer network. But it may also be possible for you to set up the computer network by yourself, if it is a simple one (like, for instance, if you are starting the trading company with some three or five computers). Surely, if you have good enough computer skills to, say, follow up on the mail offer online, you probably also have what it takes to set up a basic computer network. It is just a matter of identifying the network ports on the computers, connecting the computers to one another via those ports (using cables), and then entering a few settings in the networking software. And there are plenty of videos on YouTube to guide you all through. But if it is a complex/sophisticated network that you are seeking to set up, it would be advisable to get a networking professional to help you in setting it up. You could even consider hiring a network administrator to help you in running the network on a day to day basis: if it is a complex/sophisticated computer network.

Acquiring Computers for Use in Your Trading Company

We are living in an age where you really need to have computers, to run a business successfully. Therefore, while setting up a trading company, you will need to give some thought to the question of how to acquire computers. This is not one of those things that you can deal with as the company grows. On the contrary, you need to have computers right from the outset. For instance, you need to set up an accounting system right from the outset. That requires a computer equipped with the relevant accounting software program. It is also a good idea to have an inventory management system right from the outset. This, in turn, requires a computer with an inventory management program.

The number of computers you will need at the outset will depend on the size of the trading company you are setting up. If it is a very modest enterprise, then you can start out with a single computer, and then acquire others as the company grows. With time, if the company grows well, you may eventually get to a point where you would have computers for all your employees. That is what we see with bigger enterprises – some of which are even able to set up web-based payroll systems for their employees. Take, for instance, Darden restaurants: and you realize that they have the web-based krowd darden paycheck system, accessible to (and used by) all their employees. This is why you find even the lowest cadre staff at Darden trying to figure out how to login to krowd portal: because they are all expected to use the web-based HR system.

Therefore, if the trading company you are setting up prospers, you can be assured that you will eventually get to a point where you will definitely need more computers. But, as noted above, if you are starting out very small, then a single computer may suffice at the outset.

The actual process of acquiring computers has several steps, where you need to:

  1. Identify the computer (hardware and software) specifications you need.
  2. Make a decision on whether you will be opting for brand new or used computers.
  3. Get price quotations from various computer vendors (both local and online vendors), so as to make a decision on where/from whom you are to buy the machines.
  4. Make an order for the computers — and receive the machines on delivery.
  5. Install the relevant software as per your trading company’s needs.

Thereafter, you can start using the computers in day to day business operations, to enhance efficiency.