Offering Discounts to Your Trading Company’s Customers

One of the ways in which you can improve your trading company’s performance is by offering discounts to your customers. There are several types of discounts you can offer, in this regard. For instance, you can offer discounts to customers who buy the stuff you are selling in bulk. This is where, for instance, anybody who buys more than 5 units of whatever stuff you are selling would be entitled to a certain discount. Or you can offer discounts to customers who settle their accounts in a timely manner (which applies if you sell stuff on credit). So you can have an arrangement where any customer who settles his account before, say, the 10th day of the month would be entitled to a certain discount.

There is also the possibility of giving your customers ‘loyalty cards’ and awarding them points whenever they shop at your outlets. Then points can then be redeemed for various discounts. The cards in question here can be of the variety that can be swiped every time a customer buys something from your trading company’s outlets. It can even be a full credit card: akin to the Capital One credit card that is obtainable at If you take the trouble to read through any comprehensive capital one mail offer review, you will realize that there are certain discounts that holders of the card are entitled to. You can have a similar arrangement with a financial institution – to offer credit cards to your trading company’s customers, whereupon you’d be giving the customers certain discounts whenever they pay using the credit cards.

The most important thing here is to ensure that the discounts you offer to your customers are meaningful. But, while at it, you need to ensure that the discounts don’t eat too much into your profits – otherwise you won’t have a sustainable business. It is also a good idea to evaluate your business’ performance after you start offering the discounts, to see whether or not the discounts have actually led to better business performance.