Importing Merchandise for Your Trading Company

In the course of running your trading company, you may find yourself having to import merchandise from time to time. If the merchandise you need for sale in your trading company is not locally available, you’d have no choice but to import it. But as we will see shortly, importing merchandise for sale through your trading company is likely to be a long-drawn undertaking.

You have to initiate the process of importing merchandise by identifying the suppliers from whom you would be importing.

Having identified the suppliers from whom you’d be importing, the next step would be to contact them, and get a quotation from them.

After obtaining a quotation from the suppliers, you can proceed to obtain the funds you would need to finance the deal.

The next step would be that of sending an order to the suppliers, for them to ship the required merchandise to you. It is also here that may be required to transfer the money to the suppliers. Or if there are ‘trust issues’ you can have the money held in an escrow account: from where it would be transferred to the suppliers when you receive the merchandise. Again, it is at this stage that you’d be required to specify the method through which you want the merchandise to be shipped. You can contract a shipping company like UPS or DHL, to handle the shipping aspect for you. UPS, whose staff portal is is known to be reasonably efficient in handling these sorts of shipments. The company’s staff, who regularly go through the UPSers registration are known to put in quite a bit of effort, to ensure that shipments are delivered on time.

Having made an order for the merchandise to be shipped to you, the next step would be where you bid your time, as you wait for the merchandise to be shipped to your trading company’s premises. Depending on the chosen shipment method, and the distance between you and the supplier you are importing from, the shipment may take days, weeks or even months.